We Believe

...in the power of universities to advance the social, cultural, environmental and economic health of the communities they serve.

Our Story
We Believe

...that universities are human powered learning organisations and that people should be at the heart of their thought and action.

Our Story
We Believe

...that developing leadership at all levels is the best response to a fast-changing world.

Our Story
We Believe

...that to best support universities requires a deep understanding of what they do, the value they bring and the context in which they operate.

Our Story

Top Team Development

Building integrated, collaborative and high-performing leadership teams.


Leadership Development

Developing the quality and character of leadership at all levels.


Leadership Coaching

Supporting people to clarify their unique leadership strengths and contribution.


Organisational Development

Supporting universities to tackle tough challenges and thrive.


Research and Analysis

Developing an evidence base for change and improvement.

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Our Work
The Adaptive University has the ability to pivot and change in response to the challenges and opportunities of a fast-changing world, it learns quickly and places people at the heart of thought and action. Richard Sharpe, Principal Consultant, Elementa Leadership

Elementa Leadership is a specialist leadership and organisational development consultancy for higher education passionate about the future of universities as central to the development of a better world.

Four challenges facing senior leaders in higher education

For fifteen years I have had the privilege of working with senior leaders in global higher education. Over this time, the operating environment for universities across the world has changed significantly. We have seen the era of abundance for (most) universities come to an end. The public purse has tightened considerably. The sustainability of current funding models for higher education appears close to a tipping point. We have seen a… Read more

9th June