We Help Universities Adapt And Thrive

Elementa Leadership offer a unique blend of leadership and organisational development experience and expertise with a deep knowledge of higher education

We work in partnership with universities to co-create solutions that build greater strategic agility as the basis for continued success.

We take an appreciative approach, uncovering and building on what is actually working. We do not just focus on what is broken.

Our interest is in better understanding universities as living adaptive human systems with multiple stakeholders.

We can help you to:

  • Build a more adaptive, nimble and resilient organisation
  • Increase cross-boundary knowledge sharing, problem solving and collaboration
  • Improve strategic thinking, foresight and planning
  • Build proactive and accountable performance orientated teams and communities
  • Increase the number and quality of innovative and entrepreneurial solutions

Building The Adaptive University

Our view is that universities thrive when people thrive.  This is the essence of the Adaptive University.

The services we provide and the expertise we bring are framed around people and their contribution to building the Adaptive University.

The Adaptive University:

  • Mobilises people to tackle tough challenges and thrive
  • Enables a culture that can help to better connect up the university to a shared purpose and ‘cause worth fighting for’
  • Demonstrates deep empathy with, and understanding of staff, students and stakeholders
  • Creates permeable boundaries between functions, units and departments
Our Work

Ways We Can Work With You


Top Team Development

Building integrated, collaborative and high-performing leadership teams.


Leadership Development

Developing the quality and character of leadership at all levels.


Leadership Coaching

Supporting people to clarify their unique leadership strengths and contribution.


Organisational Development

Supporting universities to tackle tough challenges and thrive.


Research and Analysis

Developing an evidence base for change and improvement.

We have worked with Elementa Leadership on a range of activities over the past five years including strategic leadership development programmes, top team performance, executive coaching and University-wide scenario planning events. Their insights into global higher education and the range of case studies mean that interventions are always engaging and relevant. Many of the recent improvements in performance at the University can be traced directly to Elementa's contribution. Senior Vice-Principal and Deputy Vice-Chancellor